Real Madrid vs Barcelona

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"I think we will win 5-0...just so we don't lose the habit" -Rosell
"When Madrid beat us, was that in black&white, or in color?" -Valdes
"...We are going to the bernabeu to win.." - Pedro
"...Mou is a funny guy. But after another pounding in Madrid, I think he wont be as funny..." - Dani Alves

Don't miss todays crucial match between Real Madrid and Barcelona.  22:00 CET.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Minecraft 1.5 Update Next Week

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The next update to indie smash hit Minecraft will include weather systems like rain for all your wolf-dampening purposes.

Minecraft has quite a lot of well-deserved boasts to its name. It's currently earned creator Notch a cool $33 million, it has adorable blocky wolves, and it has an incredibly catchy song created by The Escapist's own Miracle of Sound.