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  2. Wow! I don't know anything about mixing but that's just interesting. Nice post!

  3. looks awesome, thanx!

  4. cool, i can see this being useful to people

  5. cool pic, it would come in handy for my friend, I'll show it to him

  6. next time im at a club ill whip this out!

  7. Do you know how to mix off vocals in cool edit?

  8. Drum 'n' bass snare at 1kHz or higher makes a good mix most of the times.

  9. Interesting infographic thanks for sharing

  10. looks like complex stuff.

  11. Great information and post. Following.

  12. Thanks for sharing, that's really useful.

  13. Definitely going to save this picture for later use, good stuff

  14. great stuff! really interesting. Following and supporting man!

  15. Not even with Thalia's help I'd be able to compose music... thanks for trying to help me though! xD

  16. Wonder if our wedding DJ's would like this info, I know they do club stuff from time to time! check us out sometime!


  17. Got a friend that works with this, I'm sure he'll find this useful. Thanks!

  18. O.o this is the first guide i've ever seen, and it's decently done! Thanks! Btw, i'm looking for $upport.

  19. that kinda reminds me of the old music trackers

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