1. Time to see if it's better than 9, but I doubt it

  2. its so much prettier than #9

  3. It looks a lot better than 9, hopefully it lives up to my expectations.

  4. hope it will be good

  5. definitely have to check this out because previous version was awesome

  6. I used to do some fun stuff with previous versions

  7. Will have to try it out

  8. I've messed around with older versions but this looks so complicated

  9. looks awesome, nice software

  10. I need to try that out

  11. nice i've still got 9 will look into this

  12. Yeah I've still got FL 9 as well. Hopefully will upgrade if it's worth it.

  13. Wow. That looks incredible.

  14. Sounds cool! i got to test it :)

  15. These programs are too complicated for me :S Could never get into them..

  16. I used to use this all the time

  17. looks tight. like the additions.

    I came, I clicked, I conquered (and followed)

  18. I downloaded it and i could make it run on my pc D:

  19. Fl studio is a great application for making some sick beats

  20. Haven't used fruity in ages.
    This kind of makes me want to get a copy haha

  21. Never knew that this stuff was so complicated.

  22. probably should get a copy to play around with this summer when I've got nothing to do haha

  23. If you guys think FL is complicated, don't even look at the real tools out there, like Reason

  24. Will be trying it out on the weekend!

  25. most people will pirate it anyway

  26. that doesn't look at all complicated...

  27. I had a real big problems with plug-ins on FL studio. Granted, I never had a legit copy.. Very hard program, imo - not intended for rookies. But I used it for a couple years! More of a fan of strings. Following!

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