1. I love that website! Thanks for sharing!

  2. yeah best ever.. the one with the cat looking down is the best imo :i

    anyways followed, i like this site

  3. Awesome site, might make a few, thanks!

  4. I can see my paper domo army already. Their numbers will be so massive that they will block out the sun itself!

  5. cool, I've loads of papercraft things saved but haven't got round to making any!

  6. Gotta love Cubecraft!

  7. Used to make someting similair when I was a kid, ah nostalgia :)

  8. followed, great blog, keep it coming, will be checking daily!

  9. what is that teddy called again ?

  10. haha, wow, how did you find this?

  11. I made a cubecrafted Hello Kitty before. It turned out a little off, but it was good. :D

  12. Man, I tried one of those one time, I sucked at it =[[[ I wish I could get better, they really do look fun to do. Also, very nice blog man, keep it up.

  13. lol my cubemaking skills are POS

  14. This is sweet. I'll have to print it out and make it.

  15. Thanks for sharing! I love papercraft.

  16. These little things are always fun :D

  17. ... I can't make it right! It's so damn hard! XD

  18. wow now that is neat! :)

  19. These are actually pretty fun.

  20. Awesome site, thanks for sharing.

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