I have FLstudio9, but I cannot for the life of me make music.

  2. Sounds really great but i tend to use Cubase 5.

  3. Good stuff, I use GarageBand (yeah yeah i have a mac) & can pump out some pretty good beatz.

    cheers man!

  4. That's very calming and melodic. Keep up the good work

  5. Excellent stuff.


  6. Just what I need! I'm looking forward to the tutorials as I want to put my own tunes on my vids :)

  7. Sounds cool,Used to spend 5-6 hours a day few years ago,might install it again

  8. Awesome. I love tutorials.

  9. Im totally going to try this out tomorrow thanks

  10. I've done some sound editing, but never made my own song. That program gives me hope.


  11. Nice job! I'm trying to get Ableton and start making some music :)


  12. Looking forward to knowing how to work with FL!


  13. I always wanted to make one like this but never had enough time. this is really good. added to my youtube favourites

  14. good post

    + follower:)

  15. dude that is sick! What a fascinating program

  16. Great tune and great program! Im following to hear more!

  17. Pretty awesome work! :x
    the most i've ever done is remix some NIN tracks, haha

  18. I wish I could get more into music like this... =[


  19. The music isn't really my cup of tea, but I'm amazed at the creation of it.

  20. Awesome vids! thanks for the tips!

  21. Great background on this, bro!

  22. This is an awesome blog. I would really appreciate some help in learning fruity loops. I have the professional edition and i barely use it!

    Check out my blog too http://rootyourdroid.net

  23. Nice blog, check out mine.

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  24. Thanks for this, really helpful.

  25. Loving this song!! Is there any way I can download it/buy it?

  26. these are my 3 favorite things haha!

  27. awesome tip really like that song +1

  28. What exactly do you use it for?

  29. Lol i used to play all the time with FL studio... good times.

  30. Nice keep it up. I like blogs like these. Needless to say, followed!

  31. good stuff, will follow

  32. Great vid, sending this to my brother, he is using that program to mix his bands music together :)

  33. Excellent work. Followed! alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  34. wow, that's awesome! following!

  35. Dude, I love FL studio. My buddies and I make some sweet hip-hop beats on it from time to time. Following!

  36. astonishing. seeing things like this makes me feel a lil bit small, 'cause I'm more on the clumsy side 'creating' something. keep it up!

  37. Amazing... followed !

  38. Tried using FL many times. Never quite got the hang of it. Cool stuff you got there.

  39. I played with FL Studio 9 once. I sucked at it. xD


  40. It just takes time. I sucked so bad when I first started O.O

  41. gotta love FL studio =)

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