1. hmmm, maybe ill start playing this game. could you tell me something about it ? : PP

  2. nice vid - I love mindcraft

  3. Your world looks great so far. Those weird creature's are slimes. I have no idea what they do or why they're even there. Keep going! More videos as your world expands =D

  4. That looks crazy! I was shit in minecraft, I barely knew what I was doing and it made my laptop crash all the time. lol

  5. Slime! They're pretty new actually.
    I've an article on my blog if anyone's interested in what Minecraft is about. :)

  6. CRIBS! minecraft edition.


  7. I haven't played in a long while, as much as I love creativity, sometimes minecraft just left me overwhelmed.

  8. Woah, you have been busy

  9. nice walk through your little world

  10. Sometimes I just don't get this game. I remember when it was the neckbeard game, because only weirdos beta'd this game.

  11. nice world, you have done a lot more than me at least ;)

  12. nice video man you should use fraps so that you can just record the ingame and make it easier for us to see ;d

  13. Makes me want to start playing haha

  14. It's a start mate, just keep going!

  15. I just bought Minecraft...ugh. lol.

  16. You have a really cool base! Love it! Just being supportive :)

  17. Awesome world man. Can't wait to see more vids.

  18. Awesome stuff, can't wait for more. Followed.

  19. I love wooden houses, gives it a rustic feel. Looking forward to seeing more of your creation as it develops.

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