1. I bet they will with ronaldino on their side

  2. Certainly hope i'm right ;) Also, I need $upport, just sayin. :(

  3. ah i missed the vote, good to know manchester won the vote without me though

  4. Too bad I didn't get to vote. Oh well, we'll see what happens :)

  5. I could see manchester winning...didn't vote in time though : (

  6. Thanks for the update bro +follow!

  7. man u wont win bro, they were only voted up for being popular. oh well nice blog you have here, followed :)

  8. We will see.


  9. Manchester United FTW!!

    Great post. Following you!

  10. well, next wednesday will tell the tale.
    the first half anyhoo.
    superb blog!

  11. Wow go liverpool!
    check my blog:D
    followed you sweet blog!

  12. We'll just have to wait and see.

  13. We'll see what happens

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