1. I have an account already, but I registered, figure it helps you :3

  2. probably fake. most sites that offer free accounts to paid services are fake/viruses/keyloggers,etc.

  3. ill check it out when i get on my laptop...but yeah most likely fake T_T

  4. yea most likely fake lol ;)

  5. Thanks for the link, I've been dieing to try Minecraft :)

  6. Complete surveys ---> Fake

  7. well at least the websites designs looks cool. Fake anyway ..

  8. yea its most likely fake. But nothing to lose trying lul!

  9. that stuff leaves me kind of leery, i'm really scared of scams.

  10. Yeah, I'm voting fake too. If you want to play for free, just pirate the latest version. Notch (the creator) even said that he supports pirates. That being said, you can't access multiplayer, and the game updates frequently, so it won't work for long. But pirating it will give you time to test it out.

  11. Scammy!


  12. damn, i want free acc ;p


    check my blog www.3xosc.blogspot.com

  13. who knows! I have heard of things like this but like, "get 20 people to visit this link and get a free account"!


  14. I want a free acc too ;_;

  15. I think we have an agreement with everyone here, it's probably fake. And probably seriously cripples your anonymity and security.

  16. Looks too good to be true.

  17. Guys go look at Minecraft-account.com
    U can get fast a minecraft accoutn if u put egouh of effort there!

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