1. Looks good aha, found diamonds yet? ;D

  2. fffuuu no : \ haven't really gone searching tho.

  3. i can appreciate minecraft and the effort involved but i'm not sure im gonna get into it

  4. I always never got point of playing a buildign game in singleplayer

  5. Kinda wondering, trying to get into minecraft, but..

    on the outdated version, I can't seem to craft anything like pickaxes or stuff. What's up with that?
    Please do let me know

  6. hmmm thats odd are you sure you're crafting it right?

  7. Minecraft, yay! That fortress looks big, does it have any kind of cool stuff inside? Traps perhaps?

  8. Wow, that's really cool! +Follower

  9. This game can really suck the life outta you if you let it! Think of it as a constructive way to pass the time and use your imagination to build stuff.

  10. Love Minecraft! WoHoo!
    btw I would recommend a texture pack.

  11. Well it's a start, build it bigger!

  12. I'm totally digging on your post, man. I'm a minecraft fanatic. Please post MOAR MINECRAFT!!

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