1. yessss! that was so good ;D
    have you given it a name? aha

  2. nope no name yet xD.

  3. Interesting looking program, I do need some music for my video game so I will definitely take a look at it.

  4. Cool beat indeed! very catchy! Keep em coming...ill be following!

  5. NIce beat, i will keep looking at your posts because i cant wait for the tutorials :)

  6. Nice!! I'd love to hear a beatles remix!

  7. Rad!

  8. Nice one :] Following now!

  9. Nice man. I hope you can post a lot of FL studio tutorials, because I've started out in producing my own stuff and you seem to know where it's at!

  10. I really like to use Fruityloops myself. Nice...

    Btw, you should check out my blog, you might like it!

    Pappa Püllï

  11. Ahh, cool! Looking forward for more. +follow'd!

  12. nice job! followed for more

  13. Please please please please post tutorials! I really want to learn fruity loops, I know some basics but I can never make anything sound good.

    I am mainly interested in learning how to make rap beats... can fruity loops be used for that?

  14. Thx for the tutorial, i'll try it with the demo

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