1. Good god i love Minecraft. The joy you get as gradually you learn how to do more and more with it.

    Then it's 5am and you're 100ft underground in a 16x16 grid...okay, hit bedrock, just one more branch to the mine and it's sleeptime.

    Okay now it's 10am and i really need to sleep now.

    Etc etc.

  2. nice dude (: dont lose yourself!!!

  3. woah who is that in your backround

  4. thats Christina Perri xD. Beautiful girl and singer!

  5. dude good minecraft shit going on! i can't get mine to work on OS X but it works on my windows partition, annoying to have to switch over to play :/ i think my java might be screwy on my OS X side..

    thanks for the follow ;) returned the favor! i honestly will be dropping in a lot, i'll add some minecraft stuff to my site as well sometime.

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