1. Went to monster ball 2, it was pretty baller, lady gaga tore up a Barbie doll.

  2. thats awesome. lol. lady gage tearing up a barbie doll.

  3. Very cool looking festival, wish I had gone

  4. Why do I have to be 3,000 miles away :(

  5. So far from me but not many artists I like were playing there.

  6. My uncle went to that this weekend, but he didn't like it. The only reason he went is because he got tickets for free.

    All the music festivals I've been to I have loved. Never a dull moment.

  7. So cool! Wish I could have been there!

  8. that looks legit. how much were the tickets? mustve been expensive

  9. The atmosphere there was just awesome!

  10. I didn't, looks cool though.

  11. holy shit that looks like insanity.


  12. I want a wallpaper version of that pic!

  13. You all need to come do festivals in Belgium this summer. Nothing can beat that!

  14. wasn't there :< anyway love your template here

  15. Looks like a blast. Concerts rule.

  16. it was awesome, to bad i wasn't there

  17. Festivals are always way too far away for me to even consider

  18. I wish I was. I love Miami. But..alas, tickets were too much. Maybe next year.

  19. Trippy picture, I'm sure it was a fun time

  20. looks awesome!

  21. Keep up the great blogging! This is great!

  22. Damn, wish I could go back to florida its so great there, a bit hot in the summer but still... Going on a festival like that would be even more cool!

  23. There's a unique energy at festivals like these, can't ever get enough.

    Miami is humid enough though without thousands of raving bodies rubbing against each other.

  24. great post. following you

  25. went to this a couple years ago... totally awesome

  26. Wow, I wish! That looks like it would of been EPIC!

    Would love to read a write up on the festival.

  27. Also, I +Follow you, brother. Will enjoy Coffee with you.

  28. Nah, I couldn't make it. Anyone else go to the summer meltdown in washington state?

  29. Holy shite this looks AWESOME !

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